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Q. What is the difference between tungsten and brass or nichel silver?

A. Tungsten is twice as dense/heavy. Barrels made of tungsten will therefore be half the size, resulting in closer grouping and higher scoring. Beginners normally start with brass or nichel silver and then advance to the more expensive tungsten ranges, once they have developed baisc playing skills.

Q. Why are darts made from different percentage tungsten?

A. The higher the percentage, the slimmer the dart will be, resulting in increased higher scoring chances. 97% is the highest percentage tungsten that is commercially produced and 70% is the minimum. Anything made of a lesser percentage than this will be too bulky for the player, who may as well continue with brass or nichel silver.

Q. Why do flights come in different shapes?
A. Wing surface area affects the flight of the dart. As a guide, Slim or Kite shapes are better on lighter barrels, whilst Pear, standard, Axis and Vortex shapes are suitable for medium to heavy darts.

Q. Why do shafts come in different lenghts?

A. Shafts are made of various different materials such as titanium, aluminium and polycarbonate. The weight and length of the shaft will dictate how the dart performs in flight.
The dart should fly in a smooth arc and as players have different throwing styles it is sometimes necessary to change the length of the shaft, to find the correct aerodynamic path.

Q. What type of dartboard is best?

A. Bristle boards are best for pub/club and tournament play, as well as seroius home use. Bristle boards are constructed from millions of strands of densely packed compressed sisal. The sisal allows the dart to penetrate the board and the hole created by the dart point will heal up after the dart is removed. Wound paper and compressed fiber boards are more for the beginner and whilst being less expensive than bristle, they are only suitable for home recreational play.